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  • Mauritius Company Registration
Mauritius Company RegistrationMauritius Company Registration

Mauritius Company Registration

  • No Forex Control
  • Fast Registration Within 2 weeks
  • Low Registration Fee
  • Offshore Financial Regulation
  • Product description: One-stop Mauritius Company Registration; Personal,Company Mauritius Bank Account

Mauritius is located on the southeastern coast of Africa as an island nation in the Indian Ocean.It is famous for its beaches, lagoons and coral reefs.The capital and largest city is Port Louis.

Mauritius has no restrictions on foreign currency entry and exit and exchange, and has one of the largest exclusive economic zones in the world, attracting a large amount of investment from local and foreign investors.

Mauritius has two types of companies: Overseas Companies GBL1 (Global Business License Category 1) and International Companies GBL2 (Global Business License Category 2). Financial companies usually register as GBL1.

1.The advantages of Registering a Mauritius Company:

(1)Forex Easily In and Out,No Forex Control;

(2)0 Tax,No audit required;

(4)Easy and Fast Registration:Within 2 weeks;

(5)Confidential Shareholder Information;

(6)Low Registration Fee;Low Operation Cost

(7)Offshore Financial Regulation


(1)Director:Company must have at least 2 local resident to as a company directors-Local directors can be provided by 12Broker;

(2)Company Secretary:Responsible to submit company report and form to government;Take good care of company related documents;Provide meeting resolution;Take good care of company's seal-Provided by 12Broker;

(3)Address:Must have Mauritius local address for registration-12Broker can provide

3.Registration Procedure:

(1)Review company name;

(2)Personal ID and proof of residence of shareholders or directors:Above 18 years old,No Nationality Restriction,Legal Personal Certificate(Passport,ID Card etc);

(3)Registration Address:12Broker can provides registration address if clients don't have actual operating site;

4.Registration Period:Within 2 weeks

5.What you get after registration:

(1)Certificate of Incorporation;

(2)Tax Exemption Certificate;

(3)Articles of Incorporation;

(4)Share Book;

(5)Director Meeting Resolution;

(6)Company Seal




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