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  • HongKong Company Registration
  • HongKong Company Registration
  • HongKong Company Registration
  • HongKong Company Registration
  • HongKong Company Registration
HongKong Company RegistrationHongKong Company RegistrationHongKong Company RegistrationHongKong Company RegistrationHongKong Company Registration

HongKong Company Registration

  • No Forex Control
  • Fast Registration Within 10 days
  • Low Registration Fee
  • International Company Branding
  • Product description: One-stop HK Company Registration; Personal,Company HK Bank Account

Hong Kong is a highly prosperous free port and an international metropolis. It is also well-known as the "Four Little Dragons of Asia" along with South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. HongKong is an international financial, trading, shipping center and an international innovation and technology center.As the world's freest economy entity,HongKong enjoys high reputation all around the world.

1.The advantages of Registering a Hong Kong Company:

(1)Forex Easily In and Out,Sufficient Forex Reserves,No Forex Control;

(2)Transparent Law and Foreigner Friendly Policy;

(3)Extremely Low Tax-Business Income Outside HongKong can be waived for Corporate Income Tax;

(4)Easy and Fast Registration:Within 10 days;

(5)Simple Procedures;

(6)Low Registration Fee;

(7)Low Operation Cost-Registration Address can be provided by 12Broker;

(8)Easy to open HK,USA and other offshore countries' bank account by using HK Company。

2.Documents for Registration:

(1)Company Name:English Name is a must,Chinese Name is optional;

(2)Personal ID of shareholders or directors:Above 18 years old,No Nationality Restriction,Legal Personal Certificate(Passport,ID Card etc);

(3)Registration Address:12Broker can provides registration address if clients don't have actual operating site;

(4)Appoint a local HK person or company to be company secretary-Provided by 12Broker;

3.Registration Period:Within 10 days(HK government spends 7 working days to review and approve)

4.What you get after registration:

(1)Certificate of Incorporation(CR);

(2)Business Registration Certificate(BR);

(3)Articles of Incorporation;

(4)Share Book;

(5)Director Meeting Record Book;

(6)Accounting File(CPA);

(7)Other statutory documents for incorporation(NNC1);

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