MT4/MT5 White Label

  • MT5 White Label
  • MT5 White Label
  • MT5 White Label
  • MT5 White Label
MT5 White LabelMT5 White LabelMT5 White LabelMT5 White Label

MT5 White Label

  • Cheaper than Main Label
  • Compatible in Web/PC/Mobile Phone Terminal
  • Low Set Up Fee and Maintenance Cost
  • Fast Set Up within 1 week
  • Product description: MT5 White Label means renting a part of usage right by a Main Label user.The advantage of White Label is LOW set up fee,technical support cost and daily operational cost.It is suitable to startup comp

MetaTrader5 (MT5) is a trading platform software dedicated to forex,derivatives,futures,stock,CFD trading developed by Metaquotes company since 2009 and it's the ONLY Main Label product on sale in Metaquotes(No more MT4 Main Label on sale)

The platform supports the netting system for exchange traders and the hedging option for full-fledged Forex trading. The flexible trading system with Market Depth and support for all order types, enables traders to execute any trading strategy.In addition to the outstanding trading functions, MetaTrader 5 incorporates professional technical and fundamental analysis tools for all asset classes supported. The platform ecosystem also equips traders with advanced algorithmic and social trading functionality.

1.A Full Set of MT5 White Label includes:

(1)Offshore Company Registration;

(2)  MT5 White Label System;

(3)Financial Regulation License(NFA,FCA,ASIC etc);

(4)Company Website;

(5)Customer Relationship Management System(CRM);

(6)Payment Gateway;

(7)Bridge(Liquidity Aggregation/Switch between A book and B book)

(8)Liquidity Provider(LP);

(9)Copytrade System

We can provide start-up company customers with either a full set of MT5 white label package or a single part according to clients' diverse requirement.

2.The advantages of MT5 White Label:

(1)Own Brand:Clients can have own brand name in MT5 White Label;

(2)Fast Set Up:Within 1 Week;We provide 7/24hrs technical support

(3)Low Cost:Low set up fee,technical maintenance fee and operation fee

3. Disadvantages of MT5 white label:Compared with MT4,MT5 provides limited trading accounts.User need to buy more trading accounts from Metaquotes with increasing clients volume.

4.MT5 White Label Full Set Structure:

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